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Before stating what I want to say I think I should describe from where I got the idea. So please read the 2 paragraphs below.When I was doing my micro economics course I read about a topic call the law of diminishing supply / demand / marginal utility (sorry, forgot the real name of the term). Well term stares that the more one person consumes something the less demand that person will have for a product. This will lead to empty...

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How to Identify a PTC Scam?

Those who are in online money making profession know about Paid to Click short for PTC. As the name suggests Paid to Click(PTC) is a paid service which pays it's members for viewing ads for a certain period of time. But most the sites don't pay their members. They just come and grab some money and vanish like flies. It is a hard truth. So I have discussed about this matter with others and made some points which will help you to identify the scams. They are very simple points, just have a look:

1. Pay rate/Click: The first three points are must see. Because with this you can say that whether the site is a scam or legit. I am going to combine them late of this post. For most of the PTC sites you will see pay rate per click is $0.01-$0.015. More than this is suspicious.

2. Referral click: Referral click will be either same as your click or less than your click. In most cases half you your click.

3. Advertising rate: This is how the PTC sites are charging the advertisers for a number of visitors. For example: They may get 1000 visitors for $20. Which means the advertiser will get 1000 by paying $20 to the PTC site.

4. Web layout: You should also look for this. Because the PTC sites which are going to stay for long time are going to use their unique web design. If you do some search then you can see lots of sites have the same design. This implies that they are just buying predesigned scripts & starting a site. So most good sites will have unique design.

5. Forum activity: All sites will have a forum. But you should look at the activities of the forum. Whether the forum is active or no members are there. If there are no members active on the forum then the site is again in suspicion. Also look at the threads of those forum. From there you can know whether the members are happy or sad about that site. Because members talk about everything on that site. Also either forum moderator or administrator answers most of the members questions or problems.

6. Type of ADS: This is what you look carefully. You should look for the advertisers they are getting. If you can see they are showing only their ads then something is wrong. Because advertisers will not pay them to show their own ads. So they have to pay you when you see an ad for certain period of time. So see whether they are giving other sites ads or showing their ads. Because they will get paid from advertisers & then they will be able to pay you. Otherwise they have to pay you from their pocket. From where they will get the money?

7. Verified by: Also look for whether they are verified by any site or payment processor. The sites are verified by payment processor are more safe. Most of the PTC sites use Paypal & Alertpay payment processor. So if they are verified by either of the sites then it is a good sign.

8. Extra funding option: Some sites do some extra things to fund their site. For example: lottery. Members will buy tickets & when all the tickets are sold the site will declare ticket holders winner. This is a good way to fund sites.

9. Spelling Check: Professional sites will do proofreading before launching their site. You can look whether the writings of the site contains some spelling mistakes. There will not be any mistakes if the site prepare to launch & stay in the business.

10. Security: This is a must have on PTC sites. Because the data on members are valuable. Everyday they are being updated. If someone hacks their account or mess up their data then the members are going to loose their money. So the sites must have tight security installed on their site so the members are safe from harm.

These are some facts you can verify before joining. It will be very difficult to find all the facts on a single site. But the first 3 points are must have. Here is an example why:

If the click rate is $0.01, Ref click is $0.005 so they are paying $0.015 each click. And now if they charge the advertisers $10 for 1000 clicks then it is a scam in my opinion. Because for 1,000 clicks the site has to pay 1,000*$0.015= $15 to their members. How are they going to pay extra $5 to their members.

The point is clear to you I hope. Also look for the last point which is security. It is necessary for you. Because if they don't have security built on their site then you are going to loose.

I hope this will help you in future if you are planning to join PTC or continue PTC. I wish you luck for your future.




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