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Before stating what I want to say I think I should describe from where I got the idea. So please read the 2 paragraphs below.When I was doing my micro economics course I read about a topic call the law of diminishing supply / demand / marginal utility (sorry, forgot the real name of the term). Well term stares that the more one person consumes something the less demand that person will have for a product. This will lead to empty...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Top SEO Secrets

SEO is a very necessary part for the webmasters or bloggers. As you know most of the visitor come to your site from search engines. So if you don't make your site search engine friendly then you will loose may visitors.

If you are newer to the concept of SEO (short for Search Engine Optimization) you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. However if you have been running a website for a while you have probably noticed the necessity for this practice which is essentially the fine art of making your website easier to find for people searching it using “niche language.

Niche language simply means using terms and phrases in your website or blog copy that are most commonly used by people when they type what they are looking for into a search engine. These phrases are also noted and collected by the search engine bots and spiders that belong to the search engines. The more friendly the copy in your web site is to the search engine spiders, the more likely people are to find you (which of course increases your sales.) In addition, the more hits you get from people searching for your products or services the higher your web site will be indexed on the search engine pages.

Remember how web pages work! It is basically one big popularity contest. Essentially the more hits you have, the higher your ranking is in the search engines. This leads to more business and more hits and a website that is the equivalent of a wealthy rising cyber star!

To use a metaphor – let’s say that the launching of your web site is like a launch party. Launching a website without any type of SEO is like throwing a party and forgetting to invite people.

Or you can also compare it to a party where the invitations are sent out in a language that is not recognized by the guests.

The above was just a glimpse of about SEO. Download the E-book from below. The E-book will reveal all the secrets of SEO. And this will prove very helpful for you. This e-book provides all the rights to distribute or resell to the owner. But this place is about knowledge and is not for sell. So the download is totally free.

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