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Before stating what I want to say I think I should describe from where I got the idea. So please read the 2 paragraphs below.When I was doing my micro economics course I read about a topic call the law of diminishing supply / demand / marginal utility (sorry, forgot the real name of the term). Well term stares that the more one person consumes something the less demand that person will have for a product. This will lead to empty...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Flixya - Earn more with adsense

This is a site which works with google adsense. They will add more revenue to your adsense account. Don't just sign up now. At first visit this link http://greedy.flixya.com/. Then come back here.

What can you see? photos, videos & blog posts. That's right. On flixya you can increase adsense earnings with your photos, videos & articles. As you know that you can not click on your own ads. Doing this will terminate your adsense account. But flixya is a huge network where they give you the chance to earn with adsense for free. You read it right. They won't charge you a single penny for being a member there. It's absolutely free to join.

Flixya is very easy to use. You also don't need to copy & paste codes from your adsense account. All you need to do is to give flixya the privilege to access your adsense account. Don't worry they will only access your ads. They will not access any of your personal information. So your personal information is safe with flixya.

Here how flixya works:

> Sign up with flixya
> Share your photos, videos, thoughts (Only yours, not others)
> Flixya will automatically add your adsense ads on your pages
> Whenever someone click on your ads you earn money

This is just another boost in your adsense earning. At first I thought it was not a legit way to earn from google adsense. But when I explored flixya I found out that it is a 100% legit way to earn money. No risk is involved with it.

But you have to be careful when using their service. On flixya you can create social networks, invite people, make friends, ask them to view their blogs. But you can not ask them to click on your ads. They are very strict on this. Also you can not use other peoples materials such as photos, videos, articles without their permission. If they find out you have done this then they will terminate your account without notifying you. You may also loose your adsense account. So go by the rules.

Now you can sign up with Flixya & start increasing your earning with google adsense.

Sign up from here: www.flixya.com


Lynn on September 27, 2008 at 9:17 PM said...

Drop by to say hi and I will check out the site.

wa2n on September 28, 2008 at 10:01 PM said...

Hi shortened your blog address, like mine http://wa2nlinux.co.cc, also you can earn money from affiliate program



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