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Friday, September 12, 2008

How to create an animated avatar using adobe image ready

I have seen many people who want to use an animated avatar on social places or in some forum. But the size of the picture does not match the requirement so the picture does not animate on conversations or on their profile.

Many people asked me about this. So I thought I should share this on EHRKNOL since it is what many people want. There are many softwares which can do this.

I only know how to do it using adobe image ready. All you need to do is to resize the animated picture according to the need of the site. And your can use the animated picture. Most sites require the image to be 80*80 pixels. But some sites have special requirements. Like 60*60 pixels. You can do it after you have done the following steps.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Start adobe image ready. (It is available with adobe photoshop)
2. Then open the animated picture you want to resize.
3. At bottom right you can see a tab called "Layer".
4. Click on layer 1.
5. Then go to "Image" menu & click on "Image size".
6. There write value on width box 60 (or other amount according to your need). Do the same for height box. (Height may change automatically, if it changes then leave it as it is)
7. Then press OK.
8. Then click on layer 2.
9. Repeat the step 5 & step 6. (Do the same for all other layers)
10. After resizing all the layers again go to "Image" menu.
11. This time click on "Canvas Size" on the "Image" menu.
12. Now write a value for your width & height box. (Do the same that you did on step 6. Write the same value as you wrote on Step 6).
13. Now press OK.
14. Now click on the "File" menu.
15. Hi light "Preview in" & click on "IEXPLORER" or any other browser it shows.
16. After your picture opened on the browser, right click on the picture & save the picture.

Now you are done resizing the picture. You can now use it anywhere you want. If the picture meets the sites criteria ( like 60*60 pixels or 80*80 pixels) then it will animate.




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