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The law of diminishing love

Before stating what I want to say I think I should describe from where I got the idea. So please read the 2 paragraphs below.When I was doing my micro economics course I read about a topic call the law of diminishing supply / demand / marginal utility (sorry, forgot the real name of the term). Well term stares that the more one person consumes something the less demand that person will have for a product. This will lead to empty...

Friday, November 21, 2008

Download any file with a download manager

If you use download managers then you must know that some files does not support your download manager. They are only able to download certain popular files. And it is not possible to download them with your current download manager. Well this is not true. You can download any files using your existing download manager.

I am using IDM or Internet Download Manager right now. And I am able to download all the files with IDM easily. There is no secret on this. All you need to do is to add file extension so your download manager recognizes the file types you want to download.

Since I am using internet download manager, I am going to use the process of how to add file types on IDM. Get ready for another knol:

1. Open IDM or internet download manager application
2. Now click on "Download" menu
3. Then click on "Options"
4. Then click on "File types" tab (You can see lots of file extensions like EXE ZIP RAR etc.)
5. Add your desired file type extension (Remember there must be a space after each extension)
6. Click OK
7. You are done, now start downloading.

Note: Example for step 5: Suppose you want to download a PDF file. So you need to add PDF format as your extension. Remember after each extension there must be a space so the download manager can recognize the file.

This method should work with all reputed download managers. I am using IDM because it works best for me. If you are using a different download manager then try this method. This should work. Now enjoy downloading.




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