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The law of diminishing love

Before stating what I want to say I think I should describe from where I got the idea. So please read the 2 paragraphs below.When I was doing my micro economics course I read about a topic call the law of diminishing supply / demand / marginal utility (sorry, forgot the real name of the term). Well term stares that the more one person consumes something the less demand that person will have for a product. This will lead to empty...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Why some browsers does not support download managers?

At first I am sorry for not to include this piece of information on my last post Download any file with a download manager.

Some download managers may not support all browsers. And when you click on download it may start to download on windows default download manager. Actually this happens because the download manager is not configured to download from the particular browser you are using. Here have a look on the image:

This is an image from IDM. As you can see only the first two options are selected. So if I download file from these two browsers then IDM will automatically start to download. But if I use another browser like Opera or Google Chrome then if I download the download will start in their built-in download manager. Yes some browsers have their own built in download managers. Now if I tick both options (e.g. Opera & Google Chrome) then IDM will automatically start to download the file.

Here is an example:

Suppose I want to download oatmeal raisin cookies recipe and it is in word file format. So the file format will be either .doc or .docx (the new foramt of MS Word file). So I need to add the two formats to my download manager. (If you don't know how to do that then read my previous post I have mentioned at the begining.)

Now suppose I am using Opera browser. So at first I need to tick the opera option from download options on my download manager (IDM). Now if I download the file then the downloads will start in IDM, not in opera's download manager. So now try this knol & see for yourself that it works on any browser listed. This option should also be available on other reputed download managers as well.




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