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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The dreamer - Dream Interpretation

Once i read an article about dream interpretation. I remember some part of it and thought i should share this with others. Even if you believe that dreams have no relation with real life but you can interpret others dreams as for having fun. So here it goes.

Four rules of dream interpretation: Some rules you need to know when you are trying to understand a dream and going to interpret the dream.

Symbols may have different personal meanings: Different symbols mean different each individual. This is the most important rule of dream interpretation.

Analyze the dream in detail: There are similar things people dream about. Like one may see he/she got a new bike, or someone might see he/she is riding a bike, or got badly hurt by falling from the bike. So each thing must be analyzed carefully and in detail so you can interpret properly.

Conscious and subconscious: People can dream in 2 different state of mind. They are:

Conscious: This means what people do daily see a dream according to that. Like someone had lots of fun with their friends by visiting some special place or on some special occation. And they are very tired after that occation. So when that person sleeps can dream about something related to that or see what that person did miss on that occation. This is usually happens when someone is lightly sleep. They may not be interpreted.

Sub-conscious: Sub-conscious has nothing do with daily life. When people see a dream they don't have anything related to their daily activity or anything else. They just dream about it. And dream can be interpreted when people see it in the state of sub-conscious.

So when you try to interpret someone's dream then try to relate the above points and try to explain the dream. I am giving some relative meanings of what can be interpreted of a person's dream. Means what a person sees in his/her dream can what can it mean.

Relative meanings of dream:

Angel - protection
Apple, Apples - Plans are coming towards success; a good omen
Bear - a friend who is awkward will help you, if you are kind to him/her.
Birds - if flying high, good luck. If flying low, bad luck. If singing, success.
Book - sought-after wisdom is within reach
Bridge - if crossed, a happy solution to a problem
Cat - a loved one requires your attention, or soon will
Cigar - comfort, reflection, prosperity
Dog - calm times ahead
Fishes - on the surface of the water, abundance and wealth. At the bottom, danger. Fishes can also indicate fertility or pregnancy.
Flag - change, success.
Glass - if broken, success. If empty, distress.
Guitar - declaration of love
Hermit - need to bring quietness into one's life
House - home life, often future home life. If one dreams of a home with a light inside or smoke rising from a chimney, it means one is unlikely to live alone. An empty house denotes living in solitude.
Kiss - betrayal or self-betrayal.
Owl - don't start anything new on next day.
Snake - someone has a grudge against you.
Snow - be true to your inner values, even if that leaves you alone.
Spider - you will be undergoing a positive period of spiritual development in the near future.
Tea - a happy older life, good fortune from afar.
Trees - if a path through a forest, one will soon find one's purpose in life. If downed trees, success. If trees bare of leaves, a new beginning. If full trees, danger from complacency.
Volcano - adventure, passion.
Water - if flowing water, such as a river or stream, increased romance. If water is murky, one is unsure of one's own feelings. If fish in the water, abundance and creativity.
Whiskey - a happy and active life.
Wine - a happy old age.

Here are a few key to dream which i can remember for now. I will try to update the list time to time. Try to interpret your dreams at first then go for other.


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